Air Guards

The increasing prices of copper have created a market for the internal wiring on air conditioning units. Thieves are stealing units and cashing in, which makes unprotected units vulnerable. Housing Authorities and Multi– Unit dwellings are an easy target due to their accessibility .

The Air Guard is the ultimate security prevention against theft and abuse . With a welded 16 gauge construction and concrete anchoring brackets the guard is near indestructible.

The Air Guard’s expanded metal panels protect against abuse, debris or even children that a public housing community may experience.

Why Buy an Ac Guard?
HUD spends millions purchasing air conditioning units only to leave them vulnerable to theft , abuse, debris and children. This is the economical solution to protecting your investments.

Buy a product that is “Built To Run The Distance” and by a trusted name within the HUD market.

No Pad? No Problem….. Try our Air Guard Base pre-engineered to fit our Ac guards
Air Guard Mounting Base

Air Guard Features

Our “Original Pivoting Guard” was the first cage designed to pivot from the condenser to allow for one person servicing. This design has saved HUD measurable maintenance costs on not only on labor but also on replacements to damaged and/or stolen condensers.

The Shoe bracket system allows the guard to sit elevated from the ground allowing debris to move freely away from the condensing unit. The predrilled holes in both the shoe and guard assembly enable a padlock for additional security.