Our History

Since our beginning in 1961, all weather steel products has grown to become the industry’s “steel door” standard with many households and housing authorities across the nation.  With 45 plus years of experience under our belt, we have engineered a line of doors not only aesthetically appealing, but the toughest maintenance free security doors on the market today.

Multi Unit Doors

Multi unit doors are typically for large volume renovations projects or new construction communities. They are doors that are engineered to appeal to a variety of end users.HUD markets are perfect example of these volume type projects.We have been servicing the HUD market for 35 plus years and have sold over 100,000 doors to this sector.Markets such as these that experience high traffic and high abuse, demand a door that is not only quality made but our also maintenance free to eliminate cumbersome costs to the housing authorities.

Meet the Team

Dennis Schofield

The Boss Man

Tory Bakker

Admin Guru

Liem Chau

Door Yoda

Chante' christensen

Security Biz Consultant

The crew

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