Options and Accesories


We have a wide variety of color choices to fit any home. From textured to smooth mattes, you will be sure to find something to suite your tastes.
The colors displayed serve only as electronic representations, hence variation may occur. Due to these variations, these color samples cannot be guaranteed as exact matches. If you are attempting to match an existing color we suggest consulting with your dealer, visiting a showroom, or requesting an actual sample.

All of our products are painted with a powder coat finish. Powder coating is an electrostatically charged polyurethane resin that is applied to a surface and bonded at high temperatures.
Surfaces are chemically treated, rinsed, and cured to receive our Zinc primer coat. The Zinc primer coat aids in the prevention of rust and other aging elements. The final color coat is applied and baked in a 450 degree oven. This 3 step process ensures a product prepped with the most up to date technologies in the prevention of rust and oxidation. Along with this we recommend you thoroughly clean and wax your door twice a year to prolong its life.

Standard Colors





Custom Colors




 Desert Beige

Texured Colors


 Clay Pot

 Mint Speckle





 Speckled Bronze


 Pompeian Gold



 Speckled Pearl


Over the years we have found suppliers that have perfected their products as have we. This line of locks has served tride and true and we are proud to feature this hardware in our doors.

Standard 2 Way Locksets

This slim line mortise lock features a deadbolt locking system. Available in 3 finishes in both single thumb turn and double key cylinder options.

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 Oil Rubbed Bronze



Optional 4 Way Locksets

This deluxe locking system features a deadbolt and night latch. The night latch allows you to lock the handle separate of the deadbolt, allowing the resident to exit but is locked from the exterior. Available in the Brass finish in a lever or knob style.

Brass Lever

Brass Knob

Optional Universal Lockset

This universal set up allows the lock to be keyed the same as the residents’ entry door hardware. Or if the resident wishes to provide their own hardware, for a multitude of reasons, they can do so by requesting only the lock box be provided. Dimensions are a 2.375” backset and a 2.125” hole diameter.


 Brass Knob

Options & Accessories

The attribute that has made us most successful is our ability to manufacture a product highly customizable to the end user.
We are breaking the age old mind set that security doors are for your grandmother. With hundreds of different styles, options, colors, and locksets we are certain you will find something to suite your tastes. After all, who said style had to come at the expense of security? Not us. . . .

Glass Options

All of our doors use 1/8” thick tempered safety glass. This is what is used in your automobile, so that in the event of breaking the glass beads at impact.

Although some of our models come standard with an interchangeable glass system, most can be modified to receive the self storing glass instead. Self Storing glass does just that, it stores itself. The track system allows the resident to ventilate within seconds, eliminating the hassle of storing large and cumbersome glass and screen panels. Please consult with a dealer on how and what models are adaptable to the self storing glass.

Also available in glass options is the ability to tint. If you are concerned about excessive sun exposure, tinting is a great option. Our tint is not an overlayed film, it is actually apart of the glass. Available in bronze or gray.

Kick Panel Options

As pets are becoming an essential part of the American life, we thought it would be appropriate if they experienced a little of that freedom as well. You pick out the pet door and we will install it in our storm doors. Make sure to consult with your dealer on an appropriate sized kick panel to accommodate the pet door. We recommend the “Pet Safe” brand for doors 1 to 2.25 inches in thickness.

Brass and Pewter kick panels are an easy way to jazz up a storm door. These shades coordinate with the lockset colors.

The 5800 Hi-Panel model has three different kick panel design options. This model comes standard with the provincial panel but can also be made with the Crossbuck or Flat Panel

 Storm Series


Screen Options

Double panel doors such as the “traditional Series, come standard with a fiberglass screen. This is a lightweight insect screen.

Full Panel doors such as the “Designer Series” come standard with an aluminum screen. This screen is a heavier material, giving the screen more rigidity for the longer size.

In addition to these standard screen we offer a Pet Phifer Screen, which is a heavy woven vinyl material great for pets. Another screen option is our Copper Screen. Made from real copper wire, this is a show stopper. Last we have our stainless steel screen, which is a heavy duty security screen application. This is great for those wanting security without the look of bars. This is the ultimate security measure. Powder coated in our mfg. standards

French Sets

Double doors can be done on any of our models. A typical door has one side active functioning normally with a lockset and closer. While the inactive or dead size has head and foot bolts to secure in place while not being used. The center frame opens with the inactive side revealing your full opening width.

Round Tops

Round top storm and/or security doors can be made with a provided template. While fabrication is more complicated with these, lead times will take approximately 6 weeks.

Mail Slots

Mail slots can be installed on a security door that has a double bar center freeze system. The mail slot is mounted in a solid panel and fitted to this center section of the door. Letter size only.

Traditional Series